Kaja Stech has always lived with a passion for exploration and photography and has found inspiration throughout the world. Born in Poland, currently residing in Vienna, it is not uncommon for her to board a plane to complete a project or embark on a new adventure. Kaja Stech’s work explores the transformative potential of people and architecture. Her unique compositional strategies result in dramatic images that walk the line between representation and abstraction. Stechs’s thoroughgoing attention to light, form and detail in every part of the composition is a style for which she became known and celebrated.
Kaja Stech’s work has been exhibited internationally since 2011 and has been published in newspapers and magazines such as Architektur Aktuell, Kurier, Wiener Zeitung and more.

2015 I Die Ästhetik der Fassade, West 46, Vienna, Austria
2014 I POP UP STORE, West 46, Vienna, Austria
2014 I Spuren legen, Vienna, Austria
2013 I FÖN Kunstpreis, Erfurt, Germany
2011 I Spuren Legen, Währing, Vienna, Austria
2011 I Kunstbanale, Klosterneuburg, Austria


Priv. Collection, Vienna, Austria
Priv. Collection, Vienna, Austria
Priv. Collection, Radgona, Slovenia
Priv. Collection, New York


Kurier (Online) 2015
Augustin 2015
Falter 2015
Architektur Aktuell 2015
Apa 2014
Nön, 2011

“Seeing is everything”

As a photographer, I love to capture the details of our beautiful planet. The little things that everyday people walk by and don’t take the time to appreciate. Beauty can be found everywhere, from the landscapes in Irland, to the shimmering ocean of Miami and ornate architectural details of Paris. Just stop and scan your surroundings to find it. Each time I board a plane to embark on a new journey, I am always excited to see what the world will be presenting to my lens.